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about us


MAGAS was founded in India in 2010 as a tertiary services company. Over the years it has culminated into a professional services destination for crowd sourcing and delivery of professional services in India and the Arabian Gulf. We provide a wide range of services like Financial Analyst, Management accounting, Accountant and Bookkeeper, Auditor-Controller and so on. MAGAS connects with small & medium-sized enterprises, professionals, innovators, entrepreneurs & freelancers across various geographies and industries which can fulfill their business needs with cost-effective solutions arising from shared economy and idle resource capacity. It delivers services at an affordable price to empower Entrepreneurs, Startups, SME’s and so on.

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our philosophy

” whether it’s your money or ours,  our attitude is same”


MAGAS enables entrepreneurial energy and gives new entrants to build their businesses with the support of this unique professional services platform which boosts low cost Startups & Small Medium Enterprises. Our platform facilitates commerce between parties not just monetarily but also through other synergies. Our platform creates a channel for cross border connect whereby end users can use our platform for their service needs from any location. All listed services can be ordered, managed & delivered through our platform. The value to our end users will be that all their service needs will be fulfilled through crowd sourcing under a single window platform thus saving energy, time and money.

our mission

is to support businesses when they need support. We provide handholding support until businesses stand on their own. We believe small ideas can make big difference if they get the right support at the right time. We create an ecosystem to help businesses sustain and benefit through us.

our clients

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